Turn on your POWER with Optimum Health’s unique approach to Golf Fitness

Successful programs are designed by athletic trainers. Gerald S. Erickson, Program Director is board certified by the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine. You will not find anyone who understands the biomechanics of movement and performance, then Mr. Erickson possesses.

What does our program focus on?

  • Club Head Speed: The answer to the perfect drive. The stronger you are the faster you swing.
  • Accuracy: The stronger you are, the lighter you swing. The ‘touch’ comes easier.
  • Core Strength: Everyone speaks about core strength being the key to success in sports. Which is true, but the type of core strength must be directly related to the performance demand. Our program is designed to achieve sports specific core stabilization.
  • Injury Management and Prevention: All sports training must eliminate existing injuries and prevent future problems. Keeping the golfer on the course is a primary objective.
  • Flexibility Training: We design a program based on individual needs, but the principles known as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, are used with everyone.